Product description

Pack is an add-on software for the simulation of the packing phase during the injection molding cycle. Pack simulates the packing phase under consideration of the packing profile (packing pressure value and duration) as well as the resulting clamping force. Pack is the ideal add-on for the module Fill. Both modules are part of the Cadmould® 3D-F Expert product line putting the user in to the position to simulate the injection molding process from start of injection to end of packing.

Packing pressure profile

Performance Features

  • Simulates results of the packing phase, e.g. pressure distribution, temperatures, clamping forces, volume shrinkage, frozen layers and free cross section
  • Provides results from the interior of the part (3D cut): temperatures, velocities
  • Simulates sink marks and thickness shrinkage as a result of packing pressure
  • Calculates the sealing time
  • Determines precisely ejection time and shot weight
  • Simulates the development of the liquid core

Additional Information


  • Optimization of cycle time
  • Determination of packing pressure and pressure profile for optimized production of parts with minimized sink marks and easy demoldability
  • Prediction of necessary machine size based on clamping force simulation
  • Prediction of shot weight
  • Optimization of process in terms of shrinkage and warpage

Advantages in the Work Process

  • Determination of demolding problems (overpacking)
  • Fast and precise simulation using temperature dependent and compressible material models
  • Visualization by animations and in 3D cuts

Areas of application

  • Process optimization
  • Simulation and layout of the packing phase

Type of product

  • Add-on software of the Cadmould® 3D-F Expert product line, part of the software bundle Cadmould® 3D-F Warp Expert, suitable for Windows® operating systems
  • Can be extended anytime by further Cadmould® 3D-F modules

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