Varimos®: Quality is build on knowledge

Many decisions are made during the course of product developments – and they must be the right decisions – in order to keep costs and lead times as low as possible. To this end the “trial and error” procedure of conventional process simulation is used most of the time.

Keep your Time-to-market low and cost savings high

There is, however, a more intelligent and more efficient method to make the correct decisions with regard to part, mold and process and thus to reduce extensive correction effort considerably:

Varimos® (Virtual and Real Injection Molding Optimization System) simulates systematically and comprehensively a high number of the most various scenarios and circumstances of the injection molding process.

Simulation generates knowledge, knowledge produces the best results

The results of all simulations carried out meet in Varimos® and are automatically analyzed. In this way the system builds up a comprehensive knowledge, which is the basis for making correct decisions and to achieve the best possible result.

Automatic optimisation with Varimos®

  • The complete process of product development is checked overall and displayed.
  • Every step is thus optimized, from the design phase to serial production.
  • The system generates a unique and comprehensive process know-how by combining the Cadmould® 3D-F injection molding simulation and the CQC® Quality Control System.
  • Varimos® is based on an expertise and experience of more than 25 years in the areas of virtual simulation technology and real process optimization.

The Varimos® principle:

  • The developers define the target; Varimos® automatically establishes the optimal solution.
  • With Varimos® defined product properties such as measurements or cycle times are achieved automatically by involving a targeted process control and by mold compensation against shrinkage and warpage.
  • By targeted variation of geometry and process parameters, Varimos® creates a unique and comprehensive know-how basis.
  • Varimos® is the only existing system that makes full use of the advantages of the simulation technology and also involves data that have so far not been processed.
  • Thus Varimos® guarantees that the optimal solution is automatically found early during each stage of the process development.
  • By avoiding errors and extensive correction effort, considerable savings in time and costs become immediately apparent.

The Varimos® benefits: Achieving quality right from the start:

  • Automatic, targeted plastic-system optimization of part, mold and process
  • Minimizing iteration loops
  • Reducing development and production costs
  • Achieving the stage of serial production faster by up to 50%
  • 100 % fully automatic quality control and documentation (e.g. for use with audits)
  • Using resources optimally due to clearly defined project processes and responsibilities

Varimos®: Simulation competence combined with process optimization expertise

Varimos® combines the Cadmould® 3D-F injection molding simulation by Simcon with the quality optimization and control system CQC® by Dr. Gierth Ingenieurgesellschaft. For more than 25 years, these two companies have been considered to be pioneers within the injection molding industry and have a worldwide unique knowledge in the areas of virtual simulation technology as well as real process optimization and production monitoring. These days numerous companies of the leading automobile, medical and food packaging industries use the advantages of Varimos®.

Varimos® products and services

By intelligently combining Varimos® virtual and Varimos® real, serial parts are achieved fast and safe, fulfilling all requirements. This target-oriented optimization of the process of product development on the computer and at the injection molding machine thus guarantees the best results.

Varimos® Virtual Warp Expert + Cool

Varimos® virtual combines injection molding simulation with systematic planning of trials and automatic optimization.

Varimos® Virtual Warp Expert + Cool is the expert software for virtually optimizing part, mold and process. Due to varying the geometry and process parameters, the software automatically optimizes the shrinkage and warpage behavior to achieve dimensional accuracy.

Varimos® Virtual Warp Expert + Cool is a stand-alone software bundle, suitable for Windows® operating systems and can be extended by further modules at any time.

Varimos® Real SET-UP

Automatic optimization of the machine settings during the production of in-spec-parts in shortest possible cycle time
The basis for this is design of experiments (DOE) and the measurement of the produced injection molded parts.
Varimos® Real Set-Up is a stand-alone software bundle, suitable for Windows® operating systems. It can be extended by further modules at any time.


For optimizing machine settings as well as for completely monitoring and documenting a serial production based on data from the machine control or mold sensors. Controlling the injection molding machine is possible as an option.
Varimos® Real Supervision is a stand-alone software bundle, suitable for Windows® operating systems. It can be extended by further modules at any time.

Varimos® Engineering Service

Benefit from the Varimos® Service: Use the potential by commissioning Varimos® Engineering Service:

The Varimos® Service Team takes over the optimization of the product development process in parts or completely – from the product design to serial production for

  • Optimal parts
  • Optimal molds
  • Optimal production processes

Software and Service for injection moulding

Make use of our software solution for optimizing your product development or benefit from our service: Commission us as your Varimos® Service Provider!

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