Product Description

For an exact Analysis of the optimal machine setting and precise fine tuning of the mold

The expert software CQC® Set Up is part of the CQC® Continuous Quality Control product family that has been developed by Dr. Gierth Ing.-GmbH in Germany for more than 20 years.

Performance Features

  • Enables a precise planning of mold trials by making use of design of experiments (DOE)
  • Considers limiting boundary conditions during mold sampling
  • Establishes a statistical simulation model of the production line based on the machine setting to forecast the quality features of the molded part
  • Allows the flexible specification of the optimization target by considering
    • the possible range of the machine setting
    • the weighted quality targets for features of the molded parts and cycle times
    • the presetting of the production reliability level
  • Determines the optimal machine setting based on the simulation model according to the optimization target
  • Calculates the quality features of the molded part for an optimal machine setting
  • Calculates the mold correction data for an optimal machine setting
  • Establishes the “process window” of the optimal machine setting, i.e. the permissible variation of the machine settings during in-spec part production
  • Calculates the shortest possible cycle time
  • Prepares sampling reports of the complete process know-how of the production line fully automatically, for internal and external presentation and documentation purposes (Audit) in Microsoft® Word

Additional Information


  • Distinct cost saving by good-part production at a defined level of reliability at shortest possible cycle time
  • Optimization of molded part quality in only one mold change loop
  • Shortest possible project schedule enabled by exact process knowledge in advance
  • Fast cause analysis in case of errors
  • Precise control of the process in case of deviating quality features due to environmental influences and material variation
  • Documentation of the complete process know-how and thus the company know-how

Advantages in the Work Process

  • Precise planning of the time requirement for the mold sampling
  • Exact description of the production line behavior in the workspace available according to the results of the sampling:
    • optimal and easy adaption to changing boundary conditions
    • no need for new sampling at the production line
  • Standardized documentation ascertains the know-how and makes facts available for subsequent projects at any time. Thus the quality management and the set-up of new projects is made easier

Areas of Application

  • Analysis / Determination of optimal machine settings
  • Analysis / Determination of possibly required mold change data

Type of Product

  • Stand-alone software of the CQC® Expert product line, suitable for Windows® operating systems starting with Windows® XP®
  • Can be extended to CQC® Supervision at any time

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