Product description

Cadmould® Thermosets enables users to simulate injection molding processes of thermoset parts from filling until the end of the heating phase. As a result, filling patterns as well as pressure distributions together with results like incubation or cross-linking are available. Thus, the ideal part and process can be designed to create an optimal solution for a specific application. Furthermore, weld line positions as well as material behavior of the whole part can be analyzed and evaluated. Cycle times for filling and time of cross-linking can also be determined exactly, so that the whole process can be defined and optimized.

Performance Features

  • Simulates filling and heating phase for duroplastic parts
  • Determines heating time and degree of cross-linking
  • Considers the gating system
  • Allows the design of single and multi cavities as well as family molds
  • Simulates post cross-linking after demolding
  • Generates automatically individually designable reports

Additional Information


  • Calculation of filling and cross-linking of the part for evaluating the process
  • Part design for optimal filling and cross-linking
  • Evaluation the cycle time for project assessment in advance

Advantage in the Work Process

  • Display of weld lines and air traps
  • Integrated CAD independent adaptation of wall thicknesses of molded parts
  • Specifies automatically one or several suitable gating positions
  • Internal, user expandable material data base

Areas of application

  • Design of duroplastic parts
  • Process optimization for duroplastic parts

Type of Product

  • Stand-alone software of the Cadmould® 3D-F-Expert product line, suitable for Windows® operating systems
  • Can be extended anytime to further Cadmould® 3D-F modules

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