Product description

The add-on software Cadmould® GAIM allows the simulation of gas assisted injection molding for design of parts with gas bubble. Among others there are results available such as gas penetration depth, resulting wall thickness or breakthroughs of the gas. By this process and part can be optimized.
GAIM is part of the Cadmould® 3D-F-Expert product line that has been successfully developed in Germany for more than 25 year.

Performance Features

  • Simulates the filling and packing phase of gas assisted injection molded parts
  • Simulates filling pattern, pressure distribution, temperature, flow rates, clamping force etc.
  • Simulates the wall thickness distribution
  • Determines the resulting length of the gas bubble
  • Simulates the blow-out and secondary cavity process
  • Simulates simultaneous injection of melt and gas as well as delayed gas injection

Additional information


  • Design of gas assisted injection molding processes
  • Determination of critical areas in advance
  • Optimization of the mold
  • Determination of reasons for unintended gas breakthroughs

Advantages in the Work Flow

  • Supporting the analysis of gas bubble formation
  • Supporting the optimization of the gas bubble
  • Determination of position and evolution of the gas bubble
  • Fast and precise simulation with temperature dependant and compressible material models
  • Display of animated results

Areas of Application

  • Design of GAIM processes
  • Optimization of part and mold for GAIM processes

Type of product

  • Add-on software for the modules Cadmould® 3D-F Fill, Pack, FE and Pre&Post
  • Can be extended any time by further Cadmould® 3D-F modules

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