Product Description

CONVERSE is an easy-to-use software that provides a coupling between Cadmould® and solvers for mechanical simulation. A mapping of anisotropic part properties like fiber orientations, degree of orientations, weld lines and residual stresses as well as a mapping of scalars like pressures, temperatures, heat transfer coefficients wall thicknesses and shrinkage + warpage is possible.

CONVERSE enables the consideration of the anisotropic mechanical behavior of injection molded short-fiber-reinforced plastics parts in FE analysis. Hence part stiffness as well as failure can be predicted more accurate. Conventional isotropic approaches do not consider the influences of fiber orientations. With the pressure mapping capability an assessment of mold deformations, e.g. core shifts, and also of the mechanical stresses within inserts during the filling phase can be made. The temperature mapping capability provides the possibility to consider the thermal loading of temperature-sensible inserts. The mapping of residual stresses makes it possible to consider initial stress states induced by processing within the strength assessment of the part. The mapping of shrinkage, warpage and residual stresses makes it possible to conduct structural analyses with the actual part geometry opposed to the ideal CAD geometry.


New in Version 3.7.1:

  • New fatigue solver interface from Cadmould® to Siemens LMS Virtual.Lab
  • New FE solver interface from Cadmould® to Siemens LMS Samcef


CONVERSE GUI for mapping of fiber orientations and orientation degrees
Valve of an air intake manifold with mapped fiber orientations (MANN+HUMMEL GmbH)
Connection rod as ABAQUS tetrahedral model with mapped fiber orientations (MANN+HUMMEL GmbH)

Performance Features

  • CFD solver interface to FLUENT
  • Fatigue analyzer interface to FEMFAT, NCODE, LMS Virtual.Lab
  • Flexible ASCII data import via Converse Data Exchange Interface
  • Elasto-plastic anisotropic material model for ABAQUS, ANSYS, LS-Dyna (CONVERSE Advanced)(expandable for creep)
  • Mapping of fiber orientations, weld lines, pressures, temperatures, residual stresses, shrinkage and warpage, wall thicknesses (for shell elements)
  • Mapping between different mesh topologies
  • Graphical evaluation of mapping quality
  • 3D-visualization and manipulation of the imported models and results
  • Calculation of the anisotropic material properties (stiffnesses and thermal expansion coefficients) of the composite based on fiber and matrix data
  • Material database of major short-fiber-reinforced plastics grades included
  • Automated generation of all required FE input data
  • Consideration of inserts possible
  • Consolidation of different molding simulations into single structural model (e.g. welded parts)
  • Batch Mode
  • No user subroutines required

Additional Information


  • More accurate simulation of part stiffness and strength assessment compared to isotropic approaches
  • Consideration of the influence of gate positions onto the mechanical behavior (position of weld lines)
  • Consideration of the influence of residual stresses onto the mechanical behavior
  • Improved mold and part design for parts with pressure- and temperature-sensitive inserts or molds with easy deformable cores
  • Easy, automatic assignment of wall thicknesses as shell properties for mechanical FE models
  • Taking into account the real part shape by using shrinkage and warpage results

Advantages in the Work Process

  • Easy-to-use even for occasional users
  • See-through and open data handling
  • No User-Subroutine required
  • Fast and stable simulation
  • Batch mode
  • High scalability (multi processor capability)

Areas of Application

  • Mechanical design of fiber reinforced parts
  • Design of cores in the mold
  • Design of inserts

Type of product

  • Mechanical simulation solver interfaces to: ABAQUS, ANSYS, OPTISTRUCT, NASTRAN, MARC, LS-DYNA
  • CFD solver interface to FLUENT
  • Fatigue analyzer interface to FEMFAT, NCODE, LMS Virtual.Lab
  • Running on Windows 64 bit

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