Product Description

With the Add-on module Cadmould® 3D-F Batch simulation jobs can be automatically started without further intervention subsequently, in parallel as well as at a predefined time. By that it is possible to best use the available computational power for getting all necessary results as fast as possible.
Batch is a part of the Cadmould® 3D-F product family, which has been successfully developed since more than 25 years in Germany.

Performance Features

  • Allows scheduling multiple Cadmould® simulation runs
  • Automatically starts simulation runs simultaniously or subsequently one after the other
  • Allows scheduling simulation in blocks
  • Starts the calculations directly or at a predefined time

Additional Information


  • Optimal utilization of computing capacity
  • Start of simulation runs even in absence from the computer

Advantages in the Work Process

  • Automatic simulation even in absence from the computer
  • No blockage of the computer by capacity overload when starting multiple simulation runs
  • Direct start of the next calculation after completion of a simulation without idle time of the simulation computer
  • Finalisation of simulation jobs as fast as possible

Field of Applications

  • Automatic start of simulation without manual intervention
  • Scheduling of simulations and computer utilization

Type of Product

  • Add-on software module of the Cadmould® 3D-F Expert product line, suitable for Windows® operting systems
  • Usable starting with Cadmould® 3D-F Fill

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