Engineering Services

Whether in the early stage of the development process, when having bottle necks of capacity, for optimization or as trouble-shooting: the experienced Simcon specialists will support you and find a solution for every problem.

Typical clients are

  • development
  • production
  • purchasing
  • sales

Performance Features

Within our engineering services we simulate all thermoplastic materials (unreinforced, short and long fiber reinforced and filled materials), rubbers and elastomers, TPE materials, LSR, thermosets and reaction injection molding (RIM).
Furthermore we are able to provide you with simulations on several special process technologies such as injection compression molding, multi component injection molding incl. sandwich injection molding, parts with inserts, back injection molding (films and decoration materials) and gas assisted injection molding (GAIM).

Additional Information

  • Typical services are:
    • Gate location optimization, runner and flow balancing, optimization of wall thickness distribution, injection and packing profiles, multi cavity molds, cascadic injection molding
    • Shrinkage & warpage simulation including warpage compensation
    • Thermal mold design: lay out of cooling lines, determination and avoidance of hot spots, evaluation of using high conductive mold inserts, conformal cooling inserts or variothermal processes
    • Cycle time optimization
    • Machine size selection: clamping force, injection times and filling pressure
    • Fiber orientation: influence on shrinkage and warpage, export to subsequent FEA analysis
  • Modular and transparent quotations
  • Cooperation with third party simulation specialists for structural analyses


  • Access to know-how from more than 25 years of injection molding simulation.
  • Our know-how is based on numerous projects with partners spanning various sectors like: automotive, household appliance, medical and furniture industry.
  • We are engineering service providers for raw material suppliers as well as for hot runner manufacturers.
  • Simcon – as the developers of the software – knows the product best
  • Bottle neck of licenses does not exist
  • Short project duration

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