What can Cadmould 3D-F Essential do for you?

Cadmould® 3D-F® Essential simulates the filling of the mould. The virtual calculation of the filling enable you to design better products in a faster way.

By that you can:

  • optimize position and number of gating points
  • detect weld lines and air traps
  • design the filling so that all product requirements are met

Essential is the starter software of the Cadmould® 3D-F® product family, which has been developed successfully for over 25 years in Germany.

Try now for free and create better products in a faster way!

Filling Pattern of a Bottle Case

Download Product Flyer

Download Product Flyer

What does Cadmould 3D-F Essential provide?

  • Simulates the filling process (filling pattern, pressure distribution, temperatures, flow front velocities and clamping force for one or more gates)
  • Shows weld lines and air traps
  • Determines cooling time and part volume
  • Visualizes animated and in 3D cuts

What do you get?


  • Optimization of part quality
  • Prevention of air traps
  • Reduction of weld lines
  • Strengthening argumentation during negotiations by visualization
  • Proven time and cost savings

Advantages in the Work Process

  • Set-up of injection molding simulation runs within minutes
  • Extensive and comprehensive manual, explaining all functionalities in detail
  • Viewlets – short movie clips with easy-to-use application examples
  • Intuitive use due to Windows® user interface
  • Possibility to upgrade any time to all additional Cadmould® injection molding simulation modules

Areas of Application

  • Product and part design

Type of Product

  • Starter software, suitable for Windows® operating systems

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